PRGF – ENDORET® Regeneration

A system through which we obtain plasma rich in growth factors which is 100% autologous, ensuring its biosafety and avoiding any risk of rejection on the part of the patient.

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Why use Endoret instead of other PRPs?
  • Because Endoret is fully autologous, there are no adverse effects or risks of incompatibility in the patient.
  • Predictability, as Endoret contains the optimal concentration of platelets, every time
  • Only Endoret contains No leukocytes or inflammatory proteins
  • User-controlled activation
  • Dual effect and bioavailability due to growth factors and fibrin matrix
  • Versatility to prepare different therapeutic formulations
  • Guaranteed safety and compliance with the most stringent quality and traceability controls
  • Scientific evidence backed by more than 25 years of research and more than 250 indexed publications
  • Training to include access to our world class BTI Institute


Use of PRGF – ENDORET® in the post-extraction socket

Download this ebook and answer all your questions about the application of PRGF – ENDORET® for the regeneration of the alveolus post-extraction, without side effects and with a great regenerative results.

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Regeneration in implant surgery
The Endoret system has many advantages thanks to its multiple applications:
  • THE PERFECT DUO: BTI + Endoret Implants
  • Post-extraction sockets
  • Bone defects
  • Mixing plasma with particulate autologous bone (biological drilling) allows osteogenic grafts that are easy to transport and handle to be created, to reconstruct atrophic maxillae or for use in fenestrations. Endoret can also be used as a transporter of the heterologous graft to facilitate its insertion and avoid dispersion through the problem area.
  • Osteonecrosis in the maxillae, due to the consumption of certain medicines, is nowadays cared for with palliative treatments. However, numerous clinical studies have revealed full regenerations in surgical treatments of osteonecrosis with the use of plasma as an adjuvant.
  • Periodontal surgery
  • Soft tissue grafts - due to their autologous and efficient nature - are preferred to synthetic ones in periodontal surgery. However, the open wound at the donor site causes post-operative morbidity in patients. The use of plasma in these surgeries would:

    • Improve and accelerate healing at the donor site

    • Improve the biological properties of the graft

    • Reduce post-operative swelling and pain
  • Other applications
  • The therapeutic application of Endoret has also been used to treat illnesses linked to TMJ or lesions of the oral mucosa such as lichen planus.
Superior quality and health conformity

Use of the Endoret system, developed by BTI, is vital for elaborating plasma with a suitable biochemical composition.
All of the components are guaranteed by the ISO 13485:2016 and MDSAP certifications, CE certification in accordance with the European Directive on medical devices 93/42/ CEE, granted by TÜV-SÜD Product Service GmbH.

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