PRGF – ENDORET® - Faster recovery with less pain

PRGF has better osteoblastic properties and demonstrated lower postoperative pain than other blood concentrates (1).

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Even under the most favorable conditions, under intravenous conscious sedation, 72.2% of patients receiving dental implant surgeries experience moderate or high levels of anxiety (2). Anxiety can be reduced by reducing inflammation and postoperative pain, while facilitating quicker and more effective bone regeneration and allowing a faster return to normality.

PRGF – ENDORET® has demonstrated in multiple studies its efficacy in:

  • Reducing significantly the post operative pain score compared with other treatments. (1, 3, 4)
  • Reducing significantly the inflammation. (1)
  • By accelerating hard and soft tissue healing
  • Achieving higher bone volume in GBR procedures compared to other formulations. (1 5 6)
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Why BTI?


PRGF – ENDORET® is the first and most documented autologous platelet-rich plasma described in the literature worldwide.

It is important to remember that not all platelet-rich plasmas are PRGF – ENDORET®. Unlike other products, Endoret does not include leukocytes in its composition, which gives it more effective anti-inflammatory properties, reducing significantly the postoperative pain and facilitating a faster recovery with predictability and more patient comfort.

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