Planning and visualisation

BTI Scan 4 is the software developed by odontologists so that, without requiring advanced computer skills, you can plan a treatment in a way that is rigorous, efficient and minimally invasive.

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BTI Scan 4: By odontologists, for odontologists

Everything is on Easy display, intuitive and visual. Have all of the information that you need at a glance. All advanced functions with a simple right click. It's that easy.

Diagnosing and planning has never been so easy and accurate

Thanks to the accurate densitometry, we can evaluate the oral cavity and its anatomical structures, anticipate unexpected events and adapt drilling for successful surgery.

The measurement tools will allow us to choose the right positioning, as well as diameters and lengths of the implants that we are planning.

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Avoid surprises

With this tool, you can easily see where the patient's dental nerve is, reducing the risk of damage during surgery.

Nothing is left to chance

The powerful 3D display builds confidence in patients, as we can show them the treatment plan that we will follow.


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